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Apply for a claim

If the product you have bought does not work or has become defective in production, you can apply to make a complaint. Follow the steps below to make a complaint. Once your request is complete, we will pass your case on to the supplier who produced the product.

(You will find it at the top of your order confirmation)

Please note that your complaint application may be rejected if the product does not meet the requirements for complaints or if the notification is not made within a reasonable time. Read more in our terms and conditions.

What happens now?

  1. Once you have completed the form and submitted your complaint, you will receive a case number by email.

  2. Our Service Team will process the case and if the complaint is accepted, you can send the product back.

  3. You will receive an email containing the delivery note and return slip. Put the delivery note in the package with the product. Tape the return note with the barcode on the outside of the package.

  4. Goods are collected from you or dropped off at a postal agent depending on the size of the return and the carrier who delivered your goods.

  5. You will receive confirmation of your return and refund by email within 14 days.

Questions and answers about claims