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Sustainability at NO-GA


As a retailer of designer furniture, we want to encourage our customers to buy top quality furnishings that contribute to a more sustainable world.

Sustainability at NO-GA

At NO-GA we mainly sell design classics that have been developed to last a lifetime - and hopefully then be passed on to a new generation. We work with the opposite of wear-and-tear and therefore quality and sustainability are natural keywords for us and our business. However, the design and interior design industry faces major environmental challenges and we at NO-GA have a responsibility to help reduce the impact of our industry. We do so as much as we can.

Encourage sustainable interior design

As a retailer of interior design and designer furniture, we want to guide our customers to make wise purchases that encourage a better world. By setting a number of sustainability goals influenced by the UN Global Goals for 2030, we highlight below a selection of products that fulfill these goals.

Higher standards for people and the environment

Furniture and furnishings create context but are also created from many contexts. Many of these contexts include demands on suppliers, factories and transporters to take responsibility for people and the environment. At Nordiska Galleriet we focus on European producers with close production and you as a customer should always be able to see in which country a product is produced.

Design of highest quality

In turn, we also make demands on the brands we choose to represent and sell to our customers. Our core will always be that we are a destination for premium design - a place to meet, experience and discover contemporary and classic design of the highest quality. That's why we take care to offer really good and thoughtful design. A carefully crafted piece of furniture or interior design product lasts over time and with the right handling can have an extended life and be inherited by future generations or live on in a secondary market.

An environmentally friendly consumption of resources

As a company with many employees, we also have internal environmental policies. Some of the strategies we've implemented include choosing to take trains rather than planes, and running our vehicles on renewable energy as much as possible.

Smarter resource consumption also applies to our choice of premises and warehouses, many of which are self-sufficient in energy. We strive to optimize our packaging so that we send as little air as possible in our packages, and disclose the country of production for each item so that our customers can make informed environmental choices. With humble steps in the right direction, we believe we can improve both consumption and production, as well as our own footprint.

Below we have highlighted a selection of brands and products that are particularly committed to ethical issues. As a guide for our customers and as an aspiration for the industry to be inspired by.