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Our shipping options

Free shipping over 200 euro. When you enter your postal code at checkout, you will see which carriers can deliver to your postal code.

We have several different delivery options, ranging from home delivery of heavy furniture to postal parcels for smaller orders. Which delivery options are available may vary depending on the products you order and where you live. Whether you put your products in the shopping cart on NO-GAs website or get help from our knowledgeable salespeople in our stores or our Service Team on the phone, you should feel confident and understand our different delivery options and what suits you best for your order.

How deliveries from NO-GA work

The terms "we, our, our, us" refer to NO-GA. These General Terms and Conditions apply when you as a customer shop in one of our physical stores. By shopping with us, you accept our General Terms and Conditions and certify that the information you have provided about yourself is valid.

To shop with us, you must be at least 18 years old.

By shopping with us, you accept our General Terms and Conditions and certify that the information you have provided about yourself is valid.

If you have any questions, you can always contact us by talking to us in one of our stores, or by contacting our Service Team by email: [email protected], or by phone:
010 - 300 12 60.

Shop online or in our stores.

We offer you the same delivery options wherever you choose to shop.

Book delivery.

If you shop online, you will be given available options at checkout. If you shop in a department store or by phone, our staff will help you find the delivery option that suits you best.

We are processing your order.

While waiting for delivery, please read up on the delivery option so that you are well prepared. In the case of delivery by courier, you as a customer need to prepare so that your products can be caged.

You will be notified when the order is on its way.

The carrier will contact you before delivery. How you are contacted can vary between carriers, but usually contact is made via text message and/or email.

Receive your delivery.

Or pick it up from the agent if you have chosen this option. You will need to show proof of identity upon delivery. If the products have external damage that is visible immediately upon delivery, it is best to make a note immediately when you sign for the delivery (usually a digital signature).

After delivery.

If you discover damage to the packaging or product, or if you have received an incorrect product or incorrect number of products, we ask you to immediately contact the Service Team so that we can help you in the best possible way, please read more about complaints here.

Enjoy your new NO-GA product.

If you have any questions, please contact us here.


Is your delivery divided into several items, some of which are in stock and others to order? We do everything we can to ensure that you receive a single delivery as quickly as possible with all the items you have ordered. The expected delivery time for your entire order is given either on the product page if you order online, or from a salesperson in the store. Once you have ordered, the expected delivery date is also shown in the order confirmation.

If you have booked a home delivery to your property or curbside, please contact us and let us know if there are any special conditions we need to know about. It may be a narrow road, difficulty in parking, road barrier or the like in order for us to be able to carry out the delivery in a good way to the door if you live in an apartment or plot boundary for a house.

If you have ordered a delivery with collection, you need to prepare a clear route to and into your home/premises so that the goods can easily be left at a specified location, without damage to persons or property. For example, remember to protect your floor. Make sure that the delivery, including packaging, enters through all doors, hallways, stairs or elevators in your home or building. If you are unsure about the availability of delivery, you can of course contact the Service Team. Unfortunately, it is not possible to add the Carry-in service after transport from our warehouse has begun, but before that it is usually possible.

If you want help with the assembly of your new furniture, our own assemblers can arrange delivery in the Stockholm and Gothenburg area. This delivery option will be shown when you shop online, or by the seller in store or our Service Team.

Shipping methods within the EU

Delivery method: Carriers for this delivery method is DHL. The order will be delivered to the sidewalk near the front door (apartment/multifamily house) or plot boundary (villa). Larger goods are often delivered on pallets, note that the return of packaging or such pallets is not included in curbside delivery. It is also good to save the pallet and packaging in case of damage or return.

Delivery time: From 3 days, depending on the availability of the products and where you live. The carrier will always contact you before delivery, giving you available delivery options to choose from.

Track delivery: Track your delivery in the carrier's app or via a link in a text message.

On delivery: Show identification. Couriers show both IDs.

Keep in mind:  If you have ordered goods with a delivery time (order goods) and know that you will be traveling away, it is good to contact the Service Team so that the goods do not have to be returned (additional cost for non-delivered goods).